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Bonifacio Global City | Taguig City

PHP 300

In the days of pride, prejudice, and penny newspapers, people thought bubbles were a cure-all. At the turn of the 19th century, the soda fountain fizzed into pop culture.

The old pharmacy was a prime soda spot. People gathered around the soda jerk (called as such for the action of dispensing soda and a swell guy, really), who served up frothy concoctions mixed with syrup and topped with a scoop or two of ice cream.

These fountains spouted sweet sociability. There was warmth around frosty beverages and cold desserts: where dad treated junior to a cone, young lovers sipped from the same milkshake, and the ol’ gang met up for a round of ice cream sodas.

Here at the Farmacy, our sodas won’t cure disease. What they will do, along with our fresh homemade ice cream, coffee, and tight selection of pastries, is offer a dose of deliciousness. A place to cool your jets, get to know your neighbor, and go with the flow (of our soda, at least)—well, that’s enough to heal the weary modern soul, isn’t it?

Restaurant Details
Dining Style Casual
Additional Details alfresco
child friendly
free wi-fi
large groups
smoking area

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